Thank You for Your Booking

Thank you for your booking. We have received your request and will get back to you within 12 hours to confirm your booking. In addition, we will be sending you the complete details of your booking via email within the next few minutes. Kindly check your inbox (or spam folder) and keep the booking details handy for future reference.

Please note that no payment is accepted online at this time. Instead, please make the payment via the QR code displayed below. Scan the code with your smartphone or tablet to complete the payment process. Your booking will be confirmed only after we receive the payment.

Don’t forget to take a screenshot of your payment details and send it via WhatsApp to the following number: 9774251952. This will help us to quickly verify your payment and confirm your reservation.

We look forward to seeing you soon. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Thank you for choosing our service.

**Note: In case of CANCELLATION, please call/text within 24 hours before the Match Time.
However, failing to satisfy the cancellation policy, customers are liable to pay the full amount.

Khublei Shibun. Ngin sa call ia phi ha ka number ka jong phi hapoh ka 12 kynta ban confirm ka booking jong phi. Sngewbha ban plie bad peit ia ka email ka jong phi ba phin tip kham bniah ia ka booking.

Phi lah ban scan ia une u QR code da ka phone ka jong phi ban siew ia ka booking. Da ngi lah ioh ia ka payment ngin sa confirm ia ka booking ka jong phi bad sngewbha ban shondur lane screenshot ia ka payment ka jong phi bad ban phah lyngba ka Whatsapp sha une u number 9774251952. 

Sngewbha wat nym artatien ban call ia ngi contact us. Khublei Shibun.

**Jingpyntip: Lada phi kwah ban cancel ia ka booking, sngewbha ban call/text 24 kynta shwa ban sdang ka game ka jong phi.

Lada phim lah ban bud ia kane, phin hap ban siew lut ia ka dor jong ka booking.